Awesome Stocking Stuffers for #MEN #WOMEN & #KIDS!

Hello Christmas Newsers!

NEW Steripod Kits for Men, Women and Kids make perfect stocking stuffers for everyone on your nice list this holiday season. Now available on, Steripod Kits contain 8 essential pods for daily grooming rituals, and are perfect for use at home or on-the-go. Steripod Kits include 4 Steripod Clip-On Toothbrush Protectors with a patented design and active thymol vapors to help keep your toothbrush fresh and clean for up to three months; 2 Steripod Tongue Cleaners for fresh breath and a clean mouth; and 2 Steripod Clip-On Razor Protectors for sharp blades and protection from unwanted cuts.

Steripod Kids glitter pods are a fun and functional addition to any holiday stocking to protect your toothbrush and your teeth from all the sweets and treats of the season.

Don’t be a Grinch – help Santa stuff your family’s stockings with Steripod this holiday season. Use promo code HOLIDAY25 to save 25% off your entire order on, or click this link for the discount to be automatically applied at checkout.

Leading dentists recommend Steripod Clip-On Toothbrush Protectors, the top-selling clip-on toothbrush protector in the U.S. According to “Dr. Dani” Gilbert-Fowler, D.M.D. of Palm Tree Pediatric Dentistry: “We know that the mouth is a major doorway for airborne and environmental contaminants, and families can infect and re-infect each other by brushing teeth with dirty toothbrushes if left unprotected. This type of cross contamination is something you can help avoid by protecting your toothbrush with Steripod – especially when traveling and during winter flu season.”

Steripod Clip-On Razor Protector helps your razor stay sharp using the same science that prevents rust on boats and skyscrapers. The zinc strip helps keep your blades sharper longer by protecting blades from premature rusting, and it also protects your fingers from unwanted nicks and cuts in the toiletries bag. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide, in the Trial & Travel section at select Target stores, and online at and Amazon.

NEW Steripod His & Hers Kits include 8 pods perfect for holiday stocking stuffers. Save 25% off all orders through December 22nd on using code HOLIDAY25.

Steripod Tongue Cleaners have three scraping surfaces that help fight bad breath and promote a healthy mouth. With its feather light, ergonomic design, there’s no unpleasant gag reflex. According to Dr. Jamielynn Hanam-Jahr, DDS, of Beverly Hills Aesthetic Dentistry: “The benefits of tongue scraping are well documented.  It removes bacteria and toxins from the tongue surface which cause embarrassing bad breath – a big turnoff for those mistletoe moments. The Steripod Tongue Cleaner is unique in that it has a curved ergonomic handle for a better position in your hand. It also has a triple row of scraping edges to better clean the tongue surface. It is so comfortable and easy to use I recommend my patients use it daily.”

Steripod Kids Clip-On Toothbrush Protectors are available in two-packs, featuring fun glitter pods and adorable animal-themed packaging. Available at Walmart stores nationwide and online at and Amazon, Steripod Kids Toothbrush Protectors put the “fun” in functional as a healthy counterpart to all the sweets of the season.

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