Holiday Deals x Georgia Power Marketplace || Up to $70 in Savings Inside!

Hello Christmas Newsers!

Holiday shopping has never been easier, with special deals available on the Georgia Power Marketplace . The Marketplace brings the most popular energy saving products from smart thermostats to LED lighting to a single convenient online portal. The website streamlines the rebate process through integration with residential customers’ Georgia Power accounts and provides free shipping on orders over $49.

Georgia Power logo. (PRNewsFoto/Georgia Power)

Holiday deals available on Georgia Power Marketplace include:

Smart Thermostats:

  • *$30 dollars off ecobee3, additional $69.50 off with instant rebate
  • *$50 dollars off ecobee4 with Alexa voice, additional $75 off with instant rebate
  • *$70 off Nest learning thermostat, additional $75 off with instant rebate
  • *$30 off Nest Thermostat E, additional $69.50 off with instant rebate

*Instant rebates available for a limited time for Georgia Power residential customers

Connected Home Products:

  • $70 off the Nest Cam indoor security camera
  • $50 off the Nest outdoor security cam
  • $50 off of the Nest Hello video doorbell
  • $20 off the Nest Protect smoke + carbon monoxide alarm
  • $50 off Google Home Hub
  • 50% off ecobee two-pack room sensors
  • 50% off Hive Welcome Home
  • 35% off Hive Starter kit
  • 35% off Hive Close 2 Home
  • 35% off Hive Heating & Cooling Pack


  • Certified ENERGY STAR LED light packs – as low as $1 per bulb

Deals and promotions will change throughout the week, so shoppers should check the site early and often for the latest offers and full terms and conditions.

Throughout the holiday season, Georgia Power reminds customers that focusing on energy efficiency can help them save money and energy even as they celebrate. In addition to shopping for energy-saving products on the Georgia Power Marketplace, simple tips for the holidays include switching to energy efficient LED decorations, which use more than 50 percent less energy than traditional decoration, and putting decorations on a timer to ensure they’re only on when people are home, or awake, to enjoy them. For more easy ways to save energy this holiday, visit Additionally, step by step instructions for the do-it-yourselfer are easy to find on Georgia Power’s YouTube Channel.

Holiday Donations!

If you would like to support the creators behind this website this holiday season feel free to leave a donation. Thank you in advance!



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