Sweet Treats: Honolulu cookie company Holiday Collection!

Hello Christmas Newsers!

Honolulu Cookie Company Logo

For holiday gifting and enjoyment, Honolulu Cookie Company offers delicious seasonal flavors of peppermint, ginger spice and pumpkin in freshly baked pineapple-shaped, premium shortbread cookies — in elegant, memorable packaging as part of its 2018 Holiday Collection.

Say ‘Mele Kalikimaka,’ or Merry Christmas, in Hawaiian, with cookies! From compact and cute, like the Mele Mini Santa Bag or Mele Pineapple Ornament, to large and shareable like the Mele Gift Tower and Mele Gift Basket, Honolulu Cookie Company offers delicious gifts to suit all needs.

Honolulu Cookie Company Seasonal Flavors

“Creating a holiday tradition of warm memories, we turn our attention to the finer details. A stitch in a quilting pattern, a cookie dipped in fine chocolate, a perfectly tied ribbon,” said Julie Plant, vice president of Retail. “We hope you enjoy the 2018 Holiday Collection, the latest gift in our handcrafted legacy of Aloha.”

The Mele Two-Tier Showcase Box is an innovative display piece and a cookie-bearing centerpiece for any holiday party. Generosity shines through this gift, offering 32 cookies in 16 flavors.

The Mele Keepsake Box is sought-after each holiday season for its collectable pineapple quilt-design ornament. Seasonal specialties are included in the box, packed with 16 cookies in eight flavors.

Honolulu Cookie Company’s Mele Pineapple Tin offers nine cookies in five flavors and the Mele Pineapple Shape Box contains 21 cookies in 16 flavors. Both wear festive red ribbon for the holidays.

Find more options can in-store or order via the Honolulu Cookie Company website. Media needing high-res images can find them here: http://bit.ly/HCC_Holiday2018.


Holiday Donations!

If you would like to support the creators behind this website this holiday season feel free to leave a donation. Thank you in advance!



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