Retail Me Not! Best Things to Buy November

Hello Christmas Newsers!


With the three biggest shopping days of the year falling later this month, the season for savings is officially here. However, just because Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday happen at the end of November doesn’t mean the rest of the month is a wash for deals.

RetailMeNot BTTB

The Deals are Cooking
Holiday gatherings are just around the corner, and what better time to stock up on cookware essentials than right before Thanksgiving. Holiday sales leading up to Cyber Week will offer the deepest discounts, and they will start in the coming weeks. Surprise friends and family with some culinary tools, and stock up to become the host with the most.

Who Are You REALLY Sitting Next To? 
Holiday togetherness on Thanksgiving can make some wonder, ‘Who am I really sitting next to?’ Genealogy services like 23andMe will make for the most interesting dinner-table discussions, as well as allow shoppers to take a deep dive into family ancestry.

Bundle Up 
A new season calls for a new wardrobe. Some colder weather apparel has been on the shelves since last month, but patience is a virtue! Shoppers who waited will able to find deep discounts on winter clothing, shoes and accessories. Make sure to bundle up for the coming months, and stock up in the 10 days leading up to Cyber Monday when the prices are at their lowest.

Bring on the Glam
The cooler weather isn’t just grounds for a new wardrobe; it also calls for a full beauty revamp. Deep discounts are plentiful in November, but don’t count out beauty items for yourself or your besties. Stores will be making room for new holiday sets and seasonal product launches, and the same goes for cosmetics and beauty goods.

Tech the Halls
If your Thanksgiving meal hasn’t made you too sleepy, let Black Friday commence! The busiest shopping holiday of the year is on the horizon and it will come with great discounts on many large electronic purchases. From TV sets and cameras to laptops and tablets, prices will be slashed so shoppers can get decked out with the latest tech.


Holiday Donations!

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