Christmas Trees: Hallmark x Amazon

Hello Christmas Newsers!

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Hallmark fresh-cut Christmas trees have launched on Amazon, with a variety of premium trees. Hallmark is the exclusive supplier to Amazon for 6-7′ fresh-cut Christmas trees. These trees will ship FREE for Amazon customers.

Each tree comes from family Christmas tree farms in the USA, and is inspected for quality and shape prior to shipping. Hallmark Christmas trees begin shipping Wednesday, November 21 and include a biodegradable tree removal bag and tree preservative with each shipment.

Hallmark Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree
Hallmark fresh-cut Christmas tree

“We’re excited to expand our Hallmark flower and plant offerings on Amazon with fresh-cut Christmas trees this holiday season,” said John Nens, Hallmark’s Global Brand Licensing Director.

Hallmark’s full-line of fresh-cut Christmas trees include:

  • 6-7′ Balsam Fir
  • 6-7′ Black Hills Spruce
  • 6-7′ Black Hills Spruce Sno-Tip
  • 6-7′ Fraser Fir
  • 3-4′ Black Hills Spruce Sno-Tip
  • 3-4′ Black Hills Spruce
  • 3-4′ Scotch Pine

You can find Hallmark fresh-cut Christmas trees at

In addition to fresh-cut Christmas trees, Hallmark offers an entire line of cards, ornaments and gift wrap on Amazon to bring the holidays to life and capture the magic of the season.


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